Monday, April 6, 2009

Final ADIDAS!!

so we are finally done with this project...this is not my best project but hey at least i got it done....senioritis :P


  1. nice drawings, very nice indeed, although I must say, your type isn't too hot, and I know they don't teach you that at DASH, but for future reference, the font you used for the description is too severe, it stands out almost as much as your drawings, which isn't good.

    Now for the description:

    "The Watch is unibody in order for the watch to be easier to use, and it'll be a lot more portable which is essential for the athletes, it's made out of ruber the main body and steel/chrome the face of the watch."

    You spelled Rubber "Ruber", and used no other punctuation other than commas; and most importantly, considering the description is supposed to get me excited about the product, this one ain't effective...I would consider revising that, to something that matches the great quality of the drawings:

    "The Adidas Watch sports a unibody design in order to provide the ease of use essential to athletes. The display is encased in Chrome, and the straps are made of soft rubber with cut ventilation holes added for extra comfort during use; not to mention the the wrist pad on the underside of the display!"

    Maybe this will come off as douchy...fuck it im just trying to help.

  2. ahahahha...nah brah...this is y i lov u...NO HOMO...cause u say things that r true and u say it straight forward...which is what i lik...thx for the comment!!!