Saturday, April 25, 2009


some pictures dat i found in my camera from a day during springbreak dat CARLOS,THOMAS and I decided to go to the rained on us though, so it smell lik wet shit...>:(..w.e. it was fun though

Friday, April 24, 2009

CCS here i COME!!

so i've finally decided where im going to head for college, and personally i can't think of a better place that will fit my personality although it might be "hell" vaughan, i think i would be disapointed if it wasn't, i hope i survive, and i can't wait for the challenge, it shall be a battle between my friends dat go to AC, and me with my other peeps at CCS, east against

still trying with photoshop

i still havent given up with photoshop, im still trying and playing with it, i did this in a night where i had 2 of my brothers from another mother over at my have to get better!!>:<

found some doodles

lately i have been pretty busy with college shit so i havent had time to upload anything, but today i finally found out where im heading for sure so i manage to find some of the doodles that i've done, most of them have been thrown away i could only find these and datz cause most of them were done at some point in da last 2 days..xcept the rendering that one is kinda

English Notes

today we had a great class discussion about how we feel about gov. listening to our calls, looking at our email etc. so i decided to take notes and this is what i came up with

Monday, April 6, 2009

Final ADIDAS!!

so we are finally done with this project...this is not my best project but hey at least i got it done....senioritis :P